Tinnitus Explained

Essentially, tinnitus is a buzzing sound in your ear that we have all heard at one point or another. For some it only happens after they leave an extreme environment like a rock concert. But for others it can persist indefinitely and cause severe health issues. What’s more prolonged tinnitus can result in permanent hearing loss. So be on guard and avoid exposure to intense sounds.

More on Tinnitus

Some forms of Tinnitus can be corrected with the help of a trained medical professional. Starting from your outside ear and working in, Tinnitus may be caused by excessive pressure on your ear drums. But also, fluid such as earwax or other deleterious substances can cause the condition. The most common place for Tinnitus to occur is in the inner ear or the cochlea. Indeed, Microscopic cells undetectable by the human eye can creep insidiously into the ear drum and cause tinnitus. Other causes of tinnitus are prolonged noise exposure, head injury, inner-ear diseases, constricted blood flow, and medication side effects.


Like many things in the medical field, treatment tends to vary. What works for one person may not work for another. But because noise exposure is a common cause, tinnitus can be prevented by avoiding loud excessive noises. This means staying away from loud music in the car, avoiding fireworks, and ect.