Speech problems in children and speech delays in toddlers can come from a wide range of different physical and psychological developments. While the majority of these speech and language problems aren’t harmful to children, proper therapy can have lifelong corrective, self-confidence, and socialization benefits.

In order to provide your child or children with the best therapeutic services in the area, a detailed evaluation will be completed by one of our American Speech, Language, Hearing Association (ASHA) certified Speech-Language pathologists.

At the Center, we specialize and focus in the following areas and disorders for children and toddlers:


While the extent of a child’s autism will fall somewhere on the autistic spectrum, autistic children display impaired communication skills, social skills, or a combination of the two. Untreated from an early age, autism can negatively affect a child’s overall development in the future, especially when it comes to speech and language. At the Center, each child’s case is handled on an individual basis, meaning that your child or children will receive a specialized therapy program which may include activities such as using electronic “talkers,” improving articulation through massages or lip exercises, and other therapeutic methods. The overall goal of continued therapy is to see improvements in the areas of overall speech and word articulation, verbal and nonverbal communication, conversational development, etc.

Childhood Apraxia of Speech:

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor based speech disorder where children have issues speaking or making sounds due to weak facial muscles or paralysis. Most commonly mistaken for a general speech impediment, children with CAS can fully comprehend what they want to say in their brain, but don’t have the motor skills or development to do so. At the Center, we work with both toddlers and children of all ages to help build muscle coordination for speech purposes, as well as employ augmentative and alternative communication systems.

Speech Delay:

Noticeable in young children, speech delays are a developmental problem relating to mechanisms used to produce speech and sounds. In the majority of cases, speech delays are caused by a craniofacial malfunction, cognitive-linguistic associations, and varying psychosocial issues from a child’s environment. The signs of speech delays are numerous, and can be easily identified by parents, teachers, and other people the child is surrounded by. Speech delays require physical and occupational therapy, which is what the Center provides regularly.

While all speech and language problems in toddlers and children present themselves at varying intensities and for different reasons, adequate, constant therapy and commitment with the Center can make lifelong impacts that will only benefit your child or children in both the short and long term.