Simple Ways Of Improving Speech Clarity

veryone enjoys speaking clearly and the many benefits that come with clarity of speech. One of the most basic aspects of quality speech that exhibits excellent clarity is a relaxed jaw and face. In fact, there are many jaw exercises that can be used to increase or improve speech clarity. For example, opening the mouth widely and stretching and then closing the mouth and opening again are an excellent way to exercise facial muscles.

Using Exaggerated Speech And Projecting One’s Voice

Focusing on exercising facial muscles by making chewing motions while at the same time humming can produce similar results. Another great strategy is to try a few tongue twisters. Using exaggerated speech and projecting one’s voice when doing tongue twisters is a great way to improve speech clarity. This combined with talking in front of a mirror and exaggerating each word that is spoken can aid in creating better overall clarity of speech.

Too Much Saliva In The Mouth Can Actually Cause Distortion

Even something as simple as gargling routinely can help to relax muscles in the throat and create better overall speech quality. In addition, when speaking it is always recommended to talk slowly and deliberately. Talking too fast or in a rushed manner can distract from the quality of clarity that could otherwise be achieved. As an added note, sometimes something as simple as eliminating excessive saliva in the mouth can work wonders for clarity. Too much saliva in the mouth can actually cause distortions in speech.

One Of The Best Ways To Improve Clarity Of Speech

Finally, there are many ways to improve speech including maintaining a high level of confidence. When an individual talks in a confident and deliberate way they are more likely to convey clarity of speech. One of the best ways to improve clarity of speech is to work with a speech and language therapist. These professionals can evaluate an individual’s quality of speech and help them to develop better skills and habits. While there are many choices when it comes to speech therapy in the Albuquerque area, one company has stood the test time. ASLHC or Albuquerque Speech Language Hearing Center is a trusted and respected name in Tucson speech and language services. Contact the company today to learn more.