Famous people with stutters

Stuttering, otherwise known as alailia syllabaris, is a speech disorder affecting millions of people, of all ages, in their everyday lives. When someone stutters, their speech is stammered and repetitive, due to the overall flow of their speech being disrupted by prolongations of sounds, syllables, and words, which is completely involuntary.

Luckily, with regular treatment programs, many people can overcome their speech stutters, and become more fluent, coherent, and sociable in their everyday lives.

And while it might seem like only a handful of people in the world have this issue, it is much more prevalent than many think, or know.

Here are just a few famous people throughout history who have had stutters:

  • Rowan Atkinson: Rowan Atkinson, an English comedian, has struggled with stuttering throughout his entire life. Rather than shying away from the spotlight, Atkinson took it upon himself to use his stutter to his advantage, incorporating it into his comedy through over articulation.
  • Hugh Grant: Even though it might not seem like it in a number of his films, Hugh Grant has struggled with stuttering throughout his entire life. If you watch his films closely enough, you might even be able to pick out a few lines where he has really had to slow down, or where he has had to pronounce various words differently to compensate for his stutter.
  • Samuel L. Jackson: This widely known actor is just another person who has struggled with a speech stutter his whole life. To this day, Samuel L. Jackson has been in over 100 different films, and was active throughout the American Civil Rights Movement.
  • Nicole Kidman: Nicole Kidman, who is best known as an actress coming all the way from Australia, has never let her stutter stop her from pursuing her acting career. The wife to country mega-star Keith Urban has also produced a number of films, and continues to do so.
  • Marilyn Monroe: While most people know who she is, many people have no idea that she too had suffered from stuttering throughout her extremely public life. Monroe was involved in numerous things, such as film, modeling, and singing. She never let people know that she actually stuttered throughout the majority of her life.