More At Ease With Hearing Aid Technology

Even something as simple as watching television or listening to a radio program can help an individual learn to take full advantage of all that today’s modern hearing aids have to offer. Another common activity that can be greatly enhanced through the use of a hearing aid is talking on the telephone. Those new to hearing aid technology should practice … Read More

Automatically Adjust Volume

One important consideration with regard to today’s modern hearing aids is volume level. The good news for hearing aid owners is that today’s advanced hearing aid solutions usually automatically adjust volume to accommodate various situations and environments. This simply means that in virtually every case no volume adjustments are required. With that said, some people still choose to make manual … Read More

Expertise And Knowledge

One of the best ways for those with hearing loss to quickly assess their condition is to have a professional audiologist check their hearing and offered solutions and suggestions for improving hearing. In many instances products and devices that are available today can greatly improve hearing. While in other cases, surgery and other types of medical treatment may be required … Read More

Tips On More Effectively Dealing With Those With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a serious issue that is affecting more and more people each and every day across the country. As such, it is more important than ever before to consider a few simple tips with regard to dealing with hearing loss. For example, perhaps more important than anything else is to simply have patience and understanding when it comes … Read More

Buzzing Sounds

Additional symptoms atypical of hearing loss include buzzing sounds, hissing sounds and ringing of the ears. Ear irritation as well as generalized ear pain and itching can all be associated with conditions that may contribute to progressive hearing loss. It is also important to note that many people with hearing loss are simply not aware of their condition. It is … Read More

Listening To A Radio Or The Television

A classic example of this is when an individual can hear someone actually speaking, but yet they are unable to determine the meaning of each word. Another sign that hearing may be becoming more degraded is when listening to a radio or the television requires an increased volume as compared to other times in the past. Ultimately these situations can … Read More

Hearing Becomes Muffled Or Garbled

One example of symptoms that may contribute to hearing loss includes fluid or pus being discharged by the ear. These symptoms can be associated with an infection or some type of injury and can ultimately lead to hearing loss. One sign that hearing may be becoming less functional is when hearing becomes muffled or garbled. This is also associated with … Read More

What Are Some Typical Symptoms Of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss affects people across the nation and around the world, and that is why it is important to know some of the typical symptoms associated with hearing loss. Knowing in advance what to expect when it comes to slow and progressive hearing loss can go a long way in helping to treat the condition and to minimize its effects. … Read More

Help Those Of Any Age And From Any Background

Digital hearing aids and techniques used to detect a child’s hearing and speech related problems in the earliest stages of development means that doctors and audiologists are achieving great success in helping those with hearing loss. Albuquerque Speech Language Hearing Center is proud of its team of clinicians that are nationally certified, state licensed and known for providing the highest … Read More

Improved Communication And A Higher Quality Of Life

The first step in getting treatment for a range of hearing related disorders is to identify the hearing loss and the level of loss. Once this has been determined, doctors and audiologists can formulate a plan and a strategy to help patients to enjoy improved communication and a higher quality of life. In addition, today’s modern and advanced audiology equipment … Read More