Side Effects Of Certain Pharmaceutical Drugs

Another condition that centers on the neurological portion of the ear that causes hearing loss is known as Sensorineural hearing loss. In this situation, sensory cells within the ear are in some way not functioning the way that they should or are damaged. The condition can be genetic in nature or even occur during birth. In some cases the condition … Read More

Middle Ear Related Bone Diseases

One particular type of hearing loss that is often treated medically is known as conductive hearing loss. This is a condition where the middle ear or outer ear is affected or where ear wax in the ear canal is causing difficulty. Other causes of conductive hearing loss include infections and even middle ear related bone diseases like otosclerosis. Whatever the … Read More

Understanding The Complexities Of Hearing Loss

Most people may not be aware of the fact that hearing loss comes in many variations. In fact, having a good understanding of the type of hearing loss a patient is experiencing can help to quickly determine the best treatment and course of action for that patient. Because hearing loss has a direct impact on nearly 10% of the population … Read More