For over 60 years, the ASLHC has provided the Albuquerque area with top quality hearing services and hearing aid resources. But what makes the Center a right choice for all of your hearing needs? For one, all of the doctors working at the ASLHC hold doctorate degrees from highly esteemed colleges and universities, and have dedicated themselves to specializing in hearing health care.

In order to provide you with the best care, we have an effective two-step process for each one of our clients.

Step One: Meet with an audiologist.

Before you are fitted with a hearing aid, you’ll meet with one of our certified audiologists for a full evaluation. After undergoing various hearing tests, your audiologist will sit down with you, one-on-one, to discuss your results and develop a treatment plan.

Step Two: Purchasing a hearing aid and hearing device.

What separates the ALSHC is that we are a non-profit organization, meaning that we do not have any agenda other than to help you and provide you with quality care. In that sense, we work diligently with you and your needs to ensure that you’ll be purchasing a hearing aid that suits your needs, style, and budget. From behind the ear hearing aids to in the ear hearing aids (ITE), we support and service the following manufacturers: Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Signia, and Oticon.

The ASLHC has also maintained good, working relationships with these manufacturers. This benefits our doctors and patients alike in that they are constantly updated with the latest hearing aid technology, research, makes, and models.

By working with any one of our audiologists, you have committed yourself to receiving the best care you could possibly receive for your hearing needs. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with patients over the years, which is why the Center has continuously flourished to provide additional services and resources.

Our dedication to helping your hearing and lifestyle goes even further than just providing professional assistance. For those with limited resources to obtain hearing aids and hearing devices, we have our own Hearing Aid Bank (HAB) program. The ASLHC is partnered with the United Way of New Mexico, which assists legal residents of New Mexico with the ability to receive partial discounts between 10-60% of the cost of your hearing aid.

We support and service all brands of hearing aids including…