Why ASHA certification matters

At the Albuquerque Speech Language Hearing Center, we have always taken pride in the services and assistance that we offer people of all ages. While many people working for the center have been involved in the field for years, the center has always placed importance on the types of people that we hire. One of our criteria when it comes to seeking potential employees is that they must be ASHA (American Speech, Language, Hearing Association) certified.

The ASHA is an American association that credits scientific and professional work in the industry, and has more than 186,000 members and affiliates. These members and affiliates include those who work in the industry, such as students, audiologists, speech, language, and hearing scientists, speech-language pathologists, and audiology and speech-language pathology support personnel.

But why do we here at the ASLHC prefer the ASHA certification over some of the other creditors? First, the ASHA has been around since 1926, where they were the pioneers in establishing and developing some of the very first national standards in the field. Likewise, the certification program has been around since 1952, meaning that the ASHA has had the time to gain both a wide breadth of knowledge and prestige in terms of testing candidates on their ability to retain knowledge and apply it to the profession.

When ones obtains their official certification, they are expected to uphold the standards, protocols, and procedures of the ASHA. Similar to how lawyers must maintain standards when it comes to maintaining their BAR certifications.

But why is having this certification important when it comes to professionals working in the field and at the ASLHC? Having an ASHA certification means that someone you are working with is knowledgeable about a wide range of hearing, speech, and language related issues, and can be trusted when it comes to advice and information that they give to you.

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with us to get you on the path you need in order to improve any hearing, speech, and language related issues you or your loved ones might be facing. Our experienced and certified staff will be able to help you, your family, and friends overcome these challenges.