When Matthew comes to his therapy appointments, he greets the front office staff with a smile and says “Hi.” His mother is always by his side. She has been his biggest supporter since he was born 8 years ago.

He eagerly takes his therapist’s hand and goes to speech therapy. When Matthew first came to the Center, he was completely non-verbal. Matthew’s mother had been turned away by other speech therapy providers who stated, “there is nothing they could do for Matthew.” Matthew’s only way of communicating was pointing, gesturing, and vocalizing sounds.

Matthew is home schooled by his mother, who feared that if he was in a school setting he would not be able to express his wants and needs. When Matthew was tested, it was unclear how much Matthew knew. The primary goal of therapy in the beginning was to provide Matthew a way to communicate. Matthew now uses sign and verbalizations to express his wants and needs.

His expressive vocabulary has increased to over 50 words. Matthew is now learning new words, practicing communicating with others, and practicing forming words verbally. Matthew’s mother has participated in each session, learning new signs, and taking home ways to help Matthew communicate.

When he leaves his appointments, he always says “bye” to the office manager, and blows her a kiss. Not only has Matthew benefited from therapy at the Center; but the staff has also been enriched by his presence!

February 20, 2018