Meet Dr. Margaret Chapman

For those of you who don’t know our Director of Audiology (AU.D), Dr. Margaret Chapman brings years of experience and passion to our team and patients.

Obtaining her M.S. in Audiology from the University of New Mexico in 2002 and PhD. in Audiology from the University of Florida in 2009, Dr. Chapman’s interest in the field was sparked when she was growing up. Through her childhood and adolescent years, her mother had suffered from a hearing loss. It wasn’t until her mother had received hearing aids did she begin to fully comprehend the negative effects, such as social isolation from a hearing impairment, could cause people. Dr. Chapman’s curiosity about audiology came into full effect when she became a mother. As an attentive and involved parent, she was fascinated about her children’s speech and language development in their early years, and what the ability to communicate meant on a larger scale. She realized that speech and language skills were an important necessity for everyone, as they shape our ability to create and maintain relationships, interact with others in various settings, carry yourself in a self-confident manner, and fully experience and be part of the world.

Now, as Director of Audiology at the ASLHC, she has the capacity to change lives every day by helping patients choose hearings aids and cochlear implants to improve their hearing. But more so than improving her patients’ ability to hear, she is most thrilled about their improved abilities to communicate with friends and family, which ultimately improves their lives. She claims that “the amplification of sound and language helps [patients] connect better… and be more involved with all [people] around them.”

Her work with the Center is vital, and she continuously proves herself to be an invaluable asset to the entire staff. Having worked as a medical audiologist in the past, she brings expert skills and an unmatched dedication to helping those with hearing loss and speech and language disorders to the Center. Dr. Chapman has also provided the opportunity for the Center to expand its patient outreach by working with those who have bone conduction hearing devices and cochlear implants.