Vicki McNown


We are fortunate to have Vicki working in our ASLHC clinic. She earned her degrees at Missouri State University and the University of Kansas, and in practice for nearly 40 years she has made ongoing professional education and training a priority. She has different times belonged to ASHA special interest groups for schools and dysphagia and has worked with students in training from the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, and the University of New Mexico. Vicki welcomes clients of all ages committed to improving their communication skills challenged in the areas of phonology, speech articulation, language development, voice, and stuttering. She enjoys being active in her church and singing in the choir. Vicki and her husband are happy in their family of twin daughters, five grandchildren, and a sweet mama cat of 19+ years. Unfortunately for her husband, Vicki is quite sure she does not really like to cook any more.